Introductory Pricing.

Adding to Street View

 $100 per 30 images or less for a Street View Tour 

(Google recommends an image every meter indoors and every 3 meters outdoors with a clear line of sight for your reference)  

 $5 per additional image added to the tour beyond 30 images.

(Standard rate is /additional image)

Web Hosted Virtual Tour

$100 per 30 images or less for a Web Hosted Virtual Tour 

(1 - 2 well placed images in a clear room if it is a dwelling, every transitioning doorway and every 2 - 3 meters in a business or place of trade.)  

 $5 per additional image added to the tour beyond 30 images.

(Standard rate is /additional image)

Please use the contact tab to inquire further and we can discuss your needs.

*Currently there is no GST charged on this service. This is subject to change.


PORTABLE TOURS with USER interactive hotspots, music, embeded video, live panoramas

This is perfect to use for open house inspection substitutes (such as during COVID-19 shutdowns), art and craft galleries, shops with an online retail prescence.

This type of tour can be packaged into an executable for Mac or Windows as a standalone, re-distributable tour via thumbdrive or DVD, it can be exported into a html folder ready to be placed on a webserver.

It is mobile ready and fully customisable.

Rates to be announced, discussion is welcome. Gallery samples to be added soon. 

Looking for one or two product testers to try this out at a discounted rate or for a trial period. Contact me for more info!

Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions

Street view Tours

Street view tours are a single shoot engagement at the pre-arranged appointment time, no re-shoots unless otherwise stated.

  • (taking into account extenuating circumstances or equipment failure)

  • The client will be asked to sign a Terms and Conditions on arrival for the shoot, as well as a verification on departure that it is clearly understood that what the client has requested is what is provided.

Tours are subject to 360 Immersive Tours availability and schedule

The time frame allotted for 30 images is up to 60 minutes. This is not including introductions and explanations.

It is up to the client to have the premises ready for shooting at the allotted time.

  • This includes informing any customers coming in during the shoot that their image could possibly be displayed on a globally recognised platform.

  • Premises available and tidy, ready to be presented globally at the time of appointment. 360 Immersive Tours will not be held responsible for the presentation of the premise where the 360 degree tour is shot. 

  • Shoots in outdoor platforms are dependent on weather conditions. Cancellation of the shoot will be up to 360 Immersive Tours discretion 

  • Tours are best presented free of people and vehicles in the client space. 

  • 360immersivetours will not be held liable for action regarding invasion of privacy and publishing of images in a public space of persons or things not aware of the shoot.

  • Tours are best produced in well lit environments (during the daytime or very well lit premises via artificial light sources)

360immersivetours owns rights to all digital media and will be watermarked on either the zenith or nadir (top and bottom) of the image with the 360immersivetours watermark.

  • One (1) Image will be made available to the client free of charge and free of watermark as a JPEG file. 

  • The client may choose to have their own logo provided to add to the NADIR or ZENITH ( Top or bottom of the spherical panorama) in the least prominent position at a set rate per image.  360 Immersive Tours reserves the right to choose the location.

  • The client may purchase a copy of the digital media at a set price per image. This rate will be in direct relation to the number of images taken and services made available to the client.

*Please contact me regarding a full printable Terms and Conditions sheet.